What You Need to Know About Antiperspirant Wipes

Antiperspirant wipes are similar to what their name implies - they are individually wrapped wipes that contain antiperspirant. Traditionally, antiperspirant has been offered as a cream, stick, or gel that can be applied to the body. These forms of antiperspirant application have worked well in the past, but they can be inconvenient as they are often messy to apply and leave behind residue on clothing. Over-the-counter topical treatments for hyperhidrosis, a condition that causes excessive sweating, are the first-line treatment option that doctors recommend to reduce symptoms.[1] This makes over-the-counter antiperspirant a very important tool for those who have hyperhidrosis. Now, several companies, notably SweatBlock and Carpe, have come out with antiperspirant wipes to help those with the condition quickly and easily apply antiperspirant in less time and with less mess. Here is a break down of each company’s product, how to use them, and a comparison of their differences.

In addition to over-the-counter antiperspirant wipes there has also been a type of prescription antiperspirant wipe that has recently come out called Qbrexza created by the company Dermira. Qbrexza is quite different to Carpe antiperspirant wipes, or any other over-the-counter antiperspirant products, due to the powerful medication it contains.

Carpe Antiperspirant Wipes

Carpe antiperspirant wipes are another option on the market for those who struggle with excessive sweating and are interested in an over-the-counter antiperspirant wipe. Carpe wipes use 15% aluminum chlorohydrate as an active ingredient.[4] This is a type of newer generation active ingredient that is used in many clinical strength antiperspirants. The advantage of using aluminum chlorohydrate is that it is a strong antiperspirant that is associated with less skin irritation than products that use aluminum chloride.[1] This is in line with Carpe’s claim that their wipes can be used all over the body. Carpe antiperspirant wipes are marketed for use on the underarms, but their formulation allows for the product to be used on other areas of the body with more sensitive skin. Carpe antiperspirant wipes need to be applied daily in order to keep sweat production low. Each package contains fifteen wipes which should keep users dry for about two weeks if they are used daily. Another advantage of Carpe antiperspirant wipes is that they contain fragrances and antibacterial ingredients to kill bacteria and keep odor at bay.[4] Bacteria on the surface of skin cause conditions that create stinky sweat which can make an already sweaty situation worse.

SweatBlock Antiperspirant Wipes

The company SweatBlock offers one type of over-the-counter antiperspirant wipe. Their product uses 14% aluminum chloride as its active ingredient.[2] The active ingredient a product uses is important to understand when choosing the right antiperspirant as it greatly impacts how a product will work. Aluminum chloride has been used for decades in antiperspirants as a way to reduce the amount of sweat a person produces. It works by forming a shallow plug within sweat glands which prevents sweat from reaching the surface of a person’s skin.[1] While aluminum chloride is known to sometimes produce skin irritation, SweatBlock claims that their wipes only need to be applied once a week on average. They also stress the importance of dabbing the wipes when applying and not rubbing the solution on to prevent irritation.[2] Each pack of wipes contains eight towelettes which are supposed to last for up to a week each. This means that a consumer is supposed to get around eight weeks of sweat protection from one package of wipes.[3] Each wipe is supposed to be applied at night, allowed to air for a few minutes, and then discarded. SweatBlock wipes are only supposed to be used on the underarms and the company encourages users to use deodorant in addition to their product to avoid odor buildup.

The Breakdown

Each company has antiperspirant wipes that can be extremely useful for those with hyperhidrosis. Each company claims that their antiperspirant wipes go on clear and do not leave residue on clothing, which is a big advantage for those who regularly use antiperspirant. Due to the fact that SweatBlock has a product tailored specifically as a treatment for axillary hyperhidrosis with a particularly strong active ingredient, that can be irritating, it may be best for those with extreme underarm sweating. Alternately, Carpe antiperspirant wipes would be better for those who struggle with excessive sweating on other parts of their body like the hands, feet, and back. Carpe antiperspirant wipes are also marketed for those with underarm sweating and can also be a useful treatment for axillary hyperhidrosis. SweatBlock wipes can be used as little as once a week while Carpe antiperspirant wipes need to be used daily which is a factor that should be taken into consideration. However, SweatBlock wipes don’t provide the same odor protection and flexibility that Carpe wipes have. Both products have advantages and each consumer needs to make a decision about which product is best for them based on their own individual needs.

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