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Carpe's Chief Medical Advisor, Dr. Ashish Bhatia, explains why we sweat and why some of us sweat more than others.

Owen W
I like this one a lot - actually prefer it to the lotions, I think it's much easier to use

Viktor L
I am so happy that someone finally made the perfect antiperspirant for after the gym - this is the only thing that works when I'm already sweating. 5/5 Carpe, I will definitely be purcashing again!

Ruth P
Works good, I would definitely recommend.

What others are saying

Real experiences, real results.
Vicki & Bob

The most frustrating thing about playing tennis with sweaty hands is the racket spinning. . .Carpe gives me a reliable grip.


My dermatologist recommended Carpe - and it worked! It's the only thing that actually worked. 


I have one less thing to worry about when it comes to taking tests! No more sweaty hands! 


The most effective antiperspirant I've ever used. I love it! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 107 reviews
Nancy Barbata
Dry without fragrance!

I searched for an antiperspirant that would keep me dry. I need a product that does not irritate my sensitive skin and, right up there with not hurting, I need it to have no added fragrance! I have a sensitive nose, too! These wipes are my salvation for now. My only concern is how much trash I'm generating by using an individually packaged wipe each day. I understand that Carpe is working on an unscented product, which I look forward to trying out when it becomes available! Very happy with the wipes!

Nothing in the WORLD works this well

For 40 years…. No deodorants/antiperspirants have worked for me. Not even mens. I saw this ad and ordered it. It works! So now I have the Thighs, Hands, Feet….. the Wipes! I have on subscription and I couldn’t live without this line. It’s safe and effective. Legit science…. I’m SO HAPPY!

Allen Robinson
A life saver

This maybe the first time you have heard this review but I thought from a marketing side there maybe an opportunity for carpe. I live in sfla where humidity and heat are the norm. I am an avid tennis player but I am sure this review would stand for any outdoor sport. I saw your ad on the internet and thought you may solve my wet tennis grip issue. I tried chalk, rosin, etc etc.
your product is a game saver. I apply the product to my hand\in between fingers and forearm about 15 minutes before I start to sweat. It has changed by tennis world. Previously I would sweat thru 3 different tennis racket grips by the end of the match which could be the difference between winning an losing. Now I can use one racket for the entire match.I know this was not the intent of your product but it has been a game changer for me. I tell everyone on the courts who has a similar issue. Thanks again

Cheryl T.

I LOVE these wipes! They keep me sweat free while working out at the gym. I started using other Carpe products that also protect me from sweat and the odor that it causes. I don't use any other deodorant.


These products help me stay drier during my games where I sweat profusely.