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Prevent Chest Sweat Before It Happens

Dr. Bhatia explains what causes under breast and chest sweating and what are the correct ways to prevent and treat sweat in this sensitive area.

Kim A.
This is the most amazing product i have ever used!! It did exactly what i needed you have my business for life! Thank you

Amy M.
I bought this breast lotion and was pleasantly surprised when it worked beautifully. No sweating whatsoever. I will be buying more and some of the other products...Signed, Always dry

Lynne H.
I have been suffering from irritation between and under my breasts for too long. Why did I wait so long to try this. This works and I finally have relief.

Tina B.
Great stuff I live in Houston and I'm always sweating, all my life I've have had boob sweat so embarrassing, until now I've used Carpe almost 2wks im so pleased no stinky boob sweat.

What others are saying

Real experiences, real results.
Vicki & Bob

The most frustrating thing about playing tennis with sweaty hands is the racket spinning. . .Carpe gives me a reliable grip.


My dermatologist recommended Carpe - and it worked! It's the only thing that actually worked. 


I have one less thing to worry about when it comes to taking tests! No more sweaty hands! 


The most effective antiperspirant I've ever used. I love it! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 327 reviews
Lori Travers
Breast cream dream

I once wore bulky uncomfortable sweat pads in my bra. Now, I just spread a small amount of breast cream under each breast and I'm now living much drier and more comfortable each and every day. This is a dream come true! Thanks Carpe!

A necessity!

I work as a hairstylist and sweat working with a hot blow dryer and hot tools all day. As I’ve gotten older I’ve come to realize I have super sensitive skin under my breasts. The area where my bra band would absorb my sweat and then rub would give me blisters and just generally feel yucky & uncomfortable. This cream has made a huge difference. I absolutely cannot imagine life without it now. WHAT A RELIEF! No more rash or blisters!

Deborah Walmer
I love carpe

The powder is my favorite. I apply the lotion then powder and I'm dry for hours

LaVerne Cutolo

Very happy with my order. It really help me with sweaty.Thanks

Cheryl Cook
No more rashes!

I am so thankful for the breast carpe, I sweat and get heat rash in warmer weather the breast formula has made it so much better. I only wish it was in a solid or roll on form.