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Goodbye Sweaty Feet
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Learn more about foot odor and its causes. Dr. Bhatia explains why our feet smell and how prevent odor.

Angela L
I love this product! My life before Carpe was awful! I use it with OdorX Spray Powder from Dr. Scholls and OdorX foot powder from Dr. Scholls. I still have sweaty feet, but this has helped.

Sandy S
I use the foot lotion and it is a miracle cream. I am over 40 and to finally not slide out of my open toed shoes has been a blessing.

Tim B
I have been very impressed with the Carpe foot creme.

What others are saying

Real experiences, real results.
Vicki & Bob

The most frustrating thing about playing tennis with sweaty hands is the racket spinning. . .Carpe gives me a reliable grip.


My dermatologist recommended Carpe - and it worked! It's the only thing that actually worked. 


I have one less thing to worry about when it comes to taking tests! No more sweaty hands! 


The most effective antiperspirant I've ever used. I love it! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 1485 reviews
Lin Cederstrom
It does work

I’ve been using for about a month. It has stopped the sweating problem I had with my feet!

Angie Schrenk
Finally something that actually works !!!

Here's my story:
I'm 56 years old and since I was 18 I've dealt with sweaty stinky feet. Every job, always office jobs, I've ever worked at my co-workers would make comments. Sometimes they'd say it loud enough so I could hear them and every day leaving I'd cry the whole way home and dread getting up the next day to have to go thru it all over again. I never turned the heat on in my car on the way to work, it was always the air conditioner to keep my feet dry before work & believe me there were mornings where it was 3 degrees out but I had no choice. I had also noticed that walking on my carpets in bare feet left the carpets with an odor and the same for my bed. I've thrown out more sneakers, shoes, boots and slippers than anyone on the planet. I scrubbed, soak, moisturized, scrubbed them with callus removers, used alcohol, peroxide, bleach deodorants, prescription deodorant, powders, sprays, Boric Acid powder, Zinc Oxide powder, home remedies, soaks, oils, triple antibiotic ointment, creams. shoe inserts, moisture wicking socks, no socks, switching shoes/sneakers daily, etc & nothing worked. I ordered Carpe from Amazon and it worked on the 2nd day. I am applying it at night & then in the morning & so far, no sweat & no odor. I'm blown away by this. It's ok that it is a little expensive because you can't put a price on getting your self confidence back. I will continue to use this as directed and update my review in a month. I can't thank Kasper & David (founders of Carpe) enough for giving me my confidence back !!!

Debbie Richardson
Happy to not have smelly feet.

Love the foot deodorant the best of all your products. You also need to make an under the bra deodorant for big boob woman who sweat under.

Linda Cutler
Miracle product

So easy to use !! I wish it didn’t take years for me to find an answer . I’m a fan for life !

Patty Pena

I love carpe but the only thing is sweating a lot